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We aim to convey a powerful message to our clients – toys are more than just an items – they play a significant role in our lives. We want to emphasize that children don’t need an abundance of new toys, but rather a select few that can become their companions, why not a friends?! Our mission is to teach children the importance of caring for their toys as if they are a human beings, as one day they will interact with real hearts and individuals. Our products are designed to instill in kids the fundamental skills of love and respect by spiritualizing the toy with care, coloring, keeping.

We highly respect copyright, therefore every toy we offer is commercially licensed.


Unique Design

Each toy is crafted with soul and character, making it a true friend


High-Quality Resin

Our top-grade resin ensures a durable and long-lasting product


Crystal Clear or Vibrant Colored

Choose from our crystal clear or vibrant colored resin options for a personalized touch


Fun and Educational

Our toys offer both entertainment and learning opportunities for children


Perfect Companions

Our toys are designed to be more than just a product – they become cherished companions


Quality Craftsmanship

Each toy is carefully crafted with attention to detail and precision

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